About Zean @ Arrowsmith Central

I am a technology loving human for nearly the entirety of my life who also loves the Sciences, Astronomy, History, Paranormal, UFO’s, Football Prediction etc.

My love of technology started 1981 when I got my first computer, a Sinclar ZX81.

Over the years as I have grown older I still love computers today as I did back in 1981. They maybe bigger, faster, more complex and more connected to present a totally different world view today than it did back in 1981 but I still enjoy sitting in front of a keyboard (approx 14142 days in total) every day.

I started my working life for a Ministry of Defence contractor and over several years as computers started to come into the workplace I was able learn more, start to write software to automate parts of my job with one particular piece of software a competitor saw the big advantage to them, so I was offered a job and moved to the competitor and becoming an IT Professional.

When I was 16 I jumped off the top of a football grandstand roof in a “how high can you jump from” game with my friends and I fractured my Tibia in my left leg. I had also damaged quite a few discs in my lower back but not know at the time but started to present issues about 6 months later. So by 2008 I was in a real bad way (constant 24hr chronic pain and difficulty walking) and had to give up work. In 2012 things got worst and I needed an emergency surgery for Cauda equina syndrome (my L4/L5 disc had slipped and completely compressed my spinal cord giving me temporary paralysis and it took 2 years to get over the discectomy operation though I ended up with nerve damage and a few other conditions which I am now on Tramadol & Morphine (plus other medicines) probably for life to try to control this horrible 24hr chronic pain. I hardly get any relief.

During this time of off work I spent many days coding all the time to keep my brain active. There is only so much daytime TV you can watch over 8 years. I brought a lovely 12inch reflector telescope, got a shed converted into an observatory, took up astro photography.

Being a programmer and spending so much of my life behind a keyboard I just love data. I collect data every night of all the European Football Results and build it into my big Football Result Prediction database which I had started back in 1983, where I get to run simulations on result predictions. Yes there have been times when I was doing well and got several small cheques though never enough to retire with.

I have been online since the real early days of 1990 when I was acting as a point (2:253/417.3) off a FidoNet BBS in Gloucester called “Highlander” and slowly moved onto the internet in the mid 90’s with the original Cliff Stanford £10/month Demon Internet accounts. My first domain name was registered in 1997.

When ADSL was installed at my local exchange on 30th June 2001 I soon got connected with a lovely 512kbps/128kbps speeds broadband connection which was an absolute dream compared to the previous dial-up speeds of my 54kbps US Robotics modem.

I had the original Alcatel “Stingray” Adsl Speed Touch Usb Modem which I connected to an old PC running the Linux firewall “Smoothwall” and thus allowed my wired home network to access the internet.

With the permanent “always on” connection I then started to host my own websites and SMTP Servers from home after registering my “arrowsmith.biz” domain on 16th January 2002 @ 13:18:33UTC which is now 17 years ago. The freedom of ADSL was so good as I did not have to rely on others and I really started to learn a lot more about web developing and SMTP/POP.

Over the years I upgraded to 2Mbps, 8Mbps, then 20Mbps on the FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) package when they went live. When the cabinet was upgraded to the 76Mbps standard I moved up as well but due to line length I am limited to 40Mbps but this is ample for all the internet connected devices running in my house (PC’s, Laptops, Tablet, Phones, TV, Arduinos and IoT).

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