First Post

I am in the process of collating all my sites and data into a single website. My renewal for my multi-site was very expensive with the webhost.

I originally moved all my web sites from my home web server 3 years ago as it was cheaper to get a server in a data center than running, maintaining and the electricity costs of using my home web server which had also got problems and needed fixing.

As the renewal cost was twice as expensive and the host not willing to grandfather costs my package I decided to leave. So I then got a VPS and ran with this for 6 months but then the VPS company ran away and did not pay their bills so the CoLo shut down all the servers and I lost 2 years of sub cost as I had paid for 3 years.

So I decided it would be best to build a new server cheaply to use at host, use SSD to help lower energy costs (plus speed up access times). So I built my server which you can read about on the Windows Server 2016 page.

I am now slowly adding all the data and previous content onto this site. So it will take time as even though I took regular backups I struggled to import the pages from the SQL Database into this wordpress based site.

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