The arena of the paranormal has always had me fascinated ever since I was a young child where I would read through my collection of Hammer House of Horror Comics, Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World book or Ghost stories in the books at our local library.

Nowadays with the plethora of TV shows (Mainly of the Sky Living and Really channels here in the UK) based on this genre, it has been really interesting watching these shows though I know some of what they show is re-enactments and faked, however there are some times things in the shows that makes me stop and think “Hey, could that be true or is that EVP really some sort of spirit communication?”

Of course the only way to find the truth is to go looking for myself and then make my own mind up and this exactly what I am doing.

I am a sceptic for most things and need to see things with my own eyes and then work out the “how” behind it.

But why did I actually start investigating?

Well my Father-in-law passed away in his home in 2013 and it was only a few weeks later that mother-in-law was getting ready for bed one evening (she was all alone in the house). As she got into bed and reached over to get a book off the bedside cabinet so noticed a figure of a man dressed in a brown suit standing in the doorway looking at her, after about 10 seconds he just faded away. Mother-in-law said she did not recognise the person and knew nobody who wore an old-fashioned brown suit. She has been into genealogy for many many years and knows who all the generations are as they have loads of photos around the house but she could not recognise this person in a brown suite.

My old Mother-in-law’s house

So this is what got be started to learn a lot more and research things. So my first investigation was to go somewhere I knew and had access to, which was going to be the now empty in-laws property (which had been in the family for several generations and sat on 7 acres of working orchard land) as Mother-in-law has now moved out of the property into a barn conversion on part of the land and the house was put up for sale.

Now I have been going to the in-laws house for 25+ years and had never experienced anything, though several other family members had including father-in-law and mother-in-law who lived there. Many of father-in-law’s generations had died at the property and my father-in-law and mother-in-law would say that they constantly heard footsteps go up and down the stairs, along the landing most nights. It was always just an audible paranormal activity they experienced.

I had my first night investigation all planned to be on the 2nd anniversary of father-in-laws death but I just had to make and buy some equipment which took a little longer than I was hoping for and also work kept getting in the way as I would be placed on many evening shifts sometimes follow by a morning shift thus not giving me enough time to spend several hours overnight doing an investigation and then having some time to sleep before going back to work, so I missed that date, however I then planned to do it a few weeks later on father-in-laws birthday, I had booked holiday at work and got my equipment sorted only to find out the solicitors handling the sale had just sold the property 3 days before the upcoming birthday, so I lost all access to the property and I did not feel like asking the new owner “Is it all right if I can spend the night in your new house because I want to try and communicate with all the potential spirits that supposedly resides there”

So in 2015 I started my research the electronic voice phenomena and other paranormal stuff.

In December 2017 my father passed away at the age of 80 from Mesothelioma (Asbestos related lung cancer). He once worked for a building firm when he was 18 years old for a short while, it was during that short time that a small single piece of Asbestos had entered his lungs and stayed dormant for 60 years.

My Dad knew I was into the Paranormal so I thought “if” there is any form of afterlife then I might be able to hear, collect, see something from my Dad.

I have had no proof but I have had a few things happen which was very strange at the time. Could they just be coincidences or just an active imagination. I do not know but you can find out more in one of my posts.

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