My Research and Testing 2015

I started off researching the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP). I decided to do this as I am technically minded and have the PC skills to record/analyse the audio recordings and I presumed it would the easiest subject matter to start with.

I had seen on TV that EVP were quite common, lots of different people got these recordings. If you read on the Internet then you can also see that many many more people also recorded these EVP’s. So I thought “Yep, let’s do this”.

I purchased 2 small 8Gb voice recorders. I also had 2 old Sony Experia phones at home so would also utilise these as well.

I would do the recordings and then transfer onto my PC as analyse with Audacity.

My initial script for doing these recordings was to introduce myself, asked questions and utmost be polite and considerate and last for approx 10 minutes.

My basis for testing was to NOT go to anywhere supposedly active/hunted to start with. If Friedrich Jurgenson could record these voices while recording bird song then I too should be able to record anywhere as well.

I would start the sessions in a certain location. Start 2 recorders going. One to be an ambient recorder placed some distance away from myself to just recorder the environment and use as reference to validate the main EVP recorder. ie if I could here a voice on my main recorder and it’s not on my ambient recorder then there is a good chance it was not a voice from someone in the distance talking.shouting.

I recorded several hundred hours of recordings at locations (my house, common land nearby, old quarry, various cemeteries) and upon review I did not get a single voice.

So the conclusion for 2015 was EVP = 0

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