My Research and Testing 2016

In 2016 I looked at the previous years results and wondered if I was doing anything wrong. I spoke to a few people online and got a few ideas. One of these ideas was to use white noise to try and replicate the spirit boxes on TV.

I generated several white noise files within Audacity and transferred to one of the 8Gb recorders.

So now during a session I could play white noise in the background to see if this helped. It did not!

I then generated several other types of noise in Audacity (brown noise and pink noise). I was also sent a special metallic chrome noise file to try.

So now I would generate an audio file 10 minutes long, the first 2 minutes would be white noise, then 2 minutes of pink noise, then 2 minutes of brown noise, then 2 minutes of chrome noise and then 2 minutes of silence. I would play this then go through my 10 minute session with these different background noises.

Again I went to various locations and recorded several hundred hours of recording which I still never got a single voice.

So 2016 ended EVP = 0

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