My Research and Testing 2017

In 2017 I looked at the previous years results and wondered if I was still doing anything wrong.

I then built a copy of the Scole Experiment device (The Germanium device) and used this to record onto my recorders.

The Scole Experiment was a group of people, Alan and Diana Bennett and Robin and Sandra Foy. The experiment lasted 5 years and was started in 1993 in the village of Scole on the Norfolk–Suffolk border in the United Kingdom.

I was quite surprised when I first tried it I was able to pickup sounds in my environment just like a normal microphone. I thought I had done something wrong but upon more research I found I had not done anything wrong.

I started my sessions as before but would also use the Scole device but I still did not receive any voices.

I then breadboarded the device and used standard relay’s for the coils so I could energize the coils to see if this experimentation achieved anything. Alas it did not.

Then I got the news my Dad was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. A horrible lung cancer due to Asbestos. A single tiny fibre had entered my Dad’s lungs when he was 18 when he worked to a building company when he was 18. It lay dormant for 60 years before it developed and quickly took hold.

My Dad was admitted to hospital beginning of December and died the next day. After all the upset I took Mum back home and got her settled. I then decided to renew my EVP testing there and then went to my old bedroom and got my phone out and started recording in the hope that if the afterlife exists and Dad is able to come through onto one of the recordings but alas nothing.

So 2017 ended EVP = 0

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