My Research and Testing 2018

2018 started off with great enthusiasm in trying several times a day to try and get my Dad on an EVP.

It was disappointing to get nothing though I did have 2 moments when I got strange “possible” paranormal sensations out of the blue.

The first one was like this. I was sat on my sofa late at night watching TV. Everyone else was asleep in bed.
I got this weird sensation of someone coming into the room and sitting down next to me. It was so strange and there was no one there as everyone is upstairs asleep.

OK, so imagine your sat on a sofa. Now close your eyes and then get your partner to walk into the room, come in between myself and the coffee table and sit down next to you on the sofa. It was just like that!!!

So I immediately got a recorder and started to record. Now on the one side of me the temperature seemed to drop and get slightly colder. After 5 mins everything was back to normal.

The second time I was again on the sofa late at night watching TV lying down when I suddenly jumped because I got this really cold sensation as if someone had placed a lump of ice on the top of my shoulder. It lasted 3 seconds and then was gone. Again I got my recorder out and started recording but alas nothing again.


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