Windows Server 2016

One way or another I have always had a server at home since 2000. Mainly acting as a File Server for everyone in the house.

Currently it is a small Windows 2016 Server (Intel® Core™2 Quad Q8200 Processor with 4Gb memory,120Gb SSD) that I have built for £61.50
I wanted to create something a bit more stylish than just a big plain metal case, so this is what I did.

Parts List

£17 for second hand motherboard bundle (MCP73T-AD Motherboard, Intel Core2 Quad Q8200 CPU and 4Gb Memory) off ebay.
£17 for 120Gb SSD off Amazon Prime.
£10 for WiFi Dongle off Amazon Prime.
£7.50 for Arduino “Wemos Mega +WiFi R3 Module ATmega2560+ESP8266 32Mb Memory” from
£10 for 2 IKEA Black LACK shelves.
Free – Acrylic sheet.
Free – Copper pipe and connectors I had in my workshop.
Free – RGB LED’s I had in my workshop.
Free – ATX PSU I had lying around my workshop.

Grand Total of £61.50

I used 2 small IKEA Lack shelves, a piece of acrylic sheet to sandwich between the 2 shelves and some left over copper pipe which I used to route some of the cabling and also to house the RGB led’s. There is 1 RGB Led that just shines and illuminates the Northbridge heatsink and I have 2 RGB led’s in the exposed “leak” of the copper pipe to indicate the case temperature.

I then added an Arduino “Wemos Mega +WiFi R3 Module ATmega2560+ESP8266 32Mb Memory” inside the case to control the RGB leds plus also the case cooling fan. I used a thermistor to sense the temperature and then control the case fan and the colour of the leds based on the temps.


Custom Windows 2016 Server

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